Why utilize our online pharmacy?

1. Because it’s safe and reliable


“All products in our online pharmacy strictly follow manufacturer requirements for storage temperature, use-by dating, and shipping. Medications and diets are sent in tamper-proof packaging with plenty of time before their expiration date.”

2. Because it’s good for pet health


“Buying from our online pharmacy allows us to keep your pet’s patient record as upto-date and accurate as possible. We know your pet’s age and weight, their condition and prescription history, and so much more. As your trusted advisor, we strive to maintain a complete picture of your pet’s health.” 

3. Because of coupons and instant discounts


“Just like the big-box retailers, we offer regular discounts on the most popular pet brands. And we’ll send those deals right to your inbox, so you can order right away and capture great savings.” 

4. Because of AutoShip


“Take advantage of AutoShip in our online pharmacy and never worry about missing a dose for your pet. Choose between shorterterm or longer-term auto-refill options, and we’ll take care of letting you know when you’re due for another exam. Super convenient!” 

5. Because you’re supporting a small, local business


“When you buy from our online store, you’re showing your support for your local veterinarian. And you’re helping us stay competitive with the big-box online retailers!”

6. Because we offer customized medications just for your pet


“If your pet has allergies, digestion issues, or certain flavor preferences, we offer medications in customizable, innovative dose forms – such as gels, flavored chews, mini melts, and more – that can help you stick to their medication regimen.” 

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