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Did you get a text and/or e-mail from us??  

Friends: we have great new ways to get in touch with you! If you received a text asking you to opt in to SMS reminders, don't worry- it really was from us! SMS stands for text reminders and it's just our new way of getting in touch with everyone regarding their pets' reminders and appointments. Texting is a faster, more convenient form of communication for most people and we are trying to keep up on the current times ?. If you love the idea and want to keep receiving texts, all you have to do is respond "Y" to the text sent to your phone. If you don't want to get the texts that's okay too! By simply not responding you will not be opted into texting, and we will continue to call you with your pets appointment reminders. We will also be sending out e-mails and newsletters regarding your pets' care as well, so you should be seeing those too! If you have any questions PLEASE don't hesitate to call, we want to keep things as convenient and enjoyable as possible for our clients. 

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