When you choose Pierce Veterinary Clinic for your pet grooming, be rest assured that we'll take the time to get to know your pet. Prior to the grooming appointment we like to meet you and your animal to assess your needs for the grooming and care of your dog. 



Sami is our professional groomer. We are happy to accomidate your pet's needs and style preferances.


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Clipping the nails is all part of the grooming process. But here we not only clip the nails, they are also filed down to remove all sharp edges. This is appreciated by the owner and the furniture!

Ear Cleaning

As part of the grooming, ears are cleaned and all excess hair is removed from the ear. This is to keep the ear clear and help prevent or detect any infections that may be present. If an infection is detected, one of our Vets on staff will double check and contact you as to your course of action.

The Bath

We use a wide range of shampoos for bathing dogs.  All shampoos are chosen based on each animals needs. Special shampoos are used for white coated dogs . If an animal has dry skin we use an oatmeal shampoo. We also will apply any veterinary recommended medicated shampoos for you.

After each bath a conditioner is applied to help with dryness, give a shine to the coat, and give a fresh fragrance to the dog.


All of our dogs & cats are hand dried with our heated force dryer. We never use kennel dryers & we dry at the dogs pace & tolerance so they're comfortable throughout the process.


Brushing is always a part of the grooming. This is to remove matting and tangles before the bath. A good brushing at home will aid in a longer coat being left on your dog.


Each dog will be groomed to breed standards, or to your request. If a dog is extremely matted, shorter cuts will be needed.


Last, but not least is the styling process for your dog. This is done all by hand. Scissoring and shaping the coat is done to give a finished look. Face, ears, shaping of the body and tail, all give the final touch to the animal's grooming experience. 

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